As time has passed, I want to reflect on the outstanding guidance and service we received from Dawn Leahy during our (2) transactions with a purchase and sale of homes. I praise Dawn on her extensive research to the growing prices in specific neighborhoods. Her understanding of construction quality was outstanding. Her knowledge of what financial institutions (Types of institutional lending) could justify loan to sale ratios was instrumental in our home. The research of market trends, ranges of views, quality of construction, surrounding properties, history, upward mobility truly led to a very successful, quick, multi-offer sale. Dawn respected our wishes for privacy with our neighbors and was extremely discreet on our behalf. Her straightforward approach allowed us the flexibiity to decide how to set pricing together and anticipate how long on the market we might be by our pricing choices. In the end, we came to an agreement and feel confident it was due to Dawn's suggestions and information, we had multi offers in a very quick, efficient, painless time frame. Sometimes stretching for every dollar will cost additional time. With Dawn's investigation, we came together with a good, solid number, and we are happy the transaction went quickly, giving us the best of qualified offers. Additionally, she followed the process through (not just with us) but with the buyer as well to make sure there were no delays and/or keeping the process moving forward with all escrows/lenders/appraisers/paperwork in a timely fashion. Dawn uses all the latest technical applications making it very easy for us to sign and answer documents even while in different cities. We used Dawn's suggestions for professional photography & staging to make our home more neutral and updated to new buyers. All my friends loved the added touches, but thought it was still our home, just a little more striking. There were many emotional days in the process with children involved and loving memories. Change is hard for everyone, but Dawn listened to me with encouragement and open ears whenever I would call. She always had the right words to cheer me on, but understanding heart that sometimes selling a loved home is really hard even when doing it for all the right reasons. I would be happy to answer more details for anyone seeking a professional agent with 10/10 skills/competence/follow through/reachability and kindness.

terrishives | Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Bay Ho, San Diego, CA.

It’s been said that one of the most important financial decisions that you can make in life is buying or selling a home. If that’s true then choosing the right Realtor to represent your interest is equally important. For that reason I select a Realtor like I would select a Heart Surgeon. When I decided to sell my $2.3+ million dollar home in Point Loma I interviewed three of the top realtor’s in the area and after a lot of investigation and careful consideration I selected Dawn Leahy of Sotheby’s Realty. I chose Dawn for five reasons they were:

1. She came to our interview armed with a very impressive portfolio of the marketing collateral that she had developed for her past sales and a comprehensive marketing plan.

2. She had a very impressive list of high end past sales where she negotiated some of the highest selling prices per square foot in the area.

3. She had a track record of being willing to spend the necessary dollars on marketing including publications like Dream Homes.

4. She had a wide network of contacts and resources both locally and internationally that would be critical to finding a buyer in the higher end of the market.

5. Lastly, (and I can’t emphasis enough how important this was in my transaction) She demonstrated in her past sales a willingness to take on any challenges arising during the course of the sale and doggedly pursue a solution. In my case several issues that came along could have and probably would have been deal stoppers if anyone else was handling the Deal.

Dawn promised to give her best effort if I entrusted her with handling the sale of my home and she did exactly that. She, secured an offer from a qualified buyer in two weeks of listing the house, got me the highest selling price that I could hope for, handled all of the contingency issues and closed the deal on schedule. There might be other Realtor’s in San Diego on Dawn’s level but I guarantee that there are none better.

Dan Farnsworth, Point Loma | La Playa, Sales Price: $2,350,000 - Review from Realtor.com

We couldn't have purchased our first home without Dawn Leahy. She was not only extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of San Diego real estate, but she also tailored the home search and buying process to us as a couple. When we were just starting out on this journey she set up a search in the neighborhoods we were interested in and visited top contenders with us. She had a critical eye and helped steer us away from properties that were too good to be true and had hidden defects. Once we found "the one" and it was Dawn-approved, our offer was accepted over others because of her recommendations in crafting our offer and her quick action. She helped us through every step of the escrow process and was always available for our many questions. She was meticulous with details and was able to explain things very clearly to us first-time home buyers. Just prior to closing, the furnace in the home was red-tagged and she was amazingly able to negotiate to have the seller cover the cost and installation of a new furnace prior to move-in. She celebrated with us once the keys were in hand and I know she was truly happy for us. We would recommend Dawn whether you are a newcomer to real estate in San Diego or an experienced home owner. She will work tirelessly for you to get you into your next home and will make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. We cannot thank her enough and hope that everyone's buying process is as easy as it was with Dawn at our side.

Eric & Tracey | Purchased a Single-family home in 92117 in 2017 - Review from Realtor.com

Bought and sold a Single-Family home in 2017 for approximately $850K in 92106, San Diego, CA.

Serendipity was ours when we were placed under Dawn Leahy’s wing in 2010 to find our San Diego home. She is without a doubt the realtor that we would recommend to anyone requiring real estate help in San Diego county. Dawn treated us with the utmost respect, listened to our needs and desires, showed us all of our options and expertly led us through the process. She persevered through three separate offers on three different properties - her integrity never once wavered and we finally found the perfect home for us. For the next 6 years she was always happy to answer questions about improvements we were thinking of making or recommend contractors and she often checked in just to see how we were. When another job transfer took us out of state, we immediately called Dawn. She was able to list our house, show it, and sell it for the price we wanted with minimal interruption to our lives (we looked at several offers within the first week). She also personally vetted realtors at our destination to find the best possible person to help us buy our new home. We would have of course preferred Dawn but she did find a terrific match for us in Oregon. If you are looking for thoroughness, honesty and integrity in a real estate broker, contact Dawn Leahy - you'll find no better.

Dawn promised she would let us know when it was a good time to sell our home, and, when that time came, helped us take steps to make it as marketable as possible. The results speak for themselves: an all-cash, at-asking offer within approximately one-week of listing. Dawn continued to make the selling process as easy on us as possible throughout escrow. Nobody has a better understanding of the La Playa /Point Loma market. We would highly recommend her.

Mike & Ellen, Listed and Sold in La Playa (92106) for $899,000 - Review from Realtor.com

Dawn has helped my family buy and sell several homes* over the years, and she is the absolute best real estate agent we've ever worked with. She is professional, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, thoughtful, thorough, hard-working and goes above and beyond what is expected of a realtor. She has even helped us sell homes out of state that needed repair without us having to be there. She is friendly and easy to talk to, and treated us like family, with honesty and integrity. We highly recommend her!!

*Six transactions with this client. - Review from Zillow.com

Dawn was professional, resourceful, creative and responsive. She listened to us and provided complete answers to all our questions. Dawn made a complex process progress smoothly and on schedule. We will always be grateful to have connected with her. She is our #1 real estate resource! ​

Steve & Suzanne C. (92106) from Realtor.com Recommendations

Dawn is an amazing real estate agent and person. I was the executor for my mother’s estate and Dawn helped me sell her condo. She is dedicated, hardworking and very professional. One of the many positive attributes about Dawn that stands out in my mind was her willingness to “go to bat” for me, when I needed her to. I always felt like she had my back and I could trust her implicitly. She was always available and worked tirelessly for me. Dawn goes above and beyond and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

S. Sanchez | 404 San Antonio Ave #H, San Diego, CA 92106 - La Playa $1,300,000

We worked with Dawn Leahy recently when we moved from Connecticut to North County, San Diego. She came very highly recommended, and for good reason. Dawn is one of the best real estate brokers you will work with, and we would recommend her to anyone needing to buy property. She brought a level of professionalism, knowledge, detail and thoughtfulness to the process that made the stressful exercise of moving across the country and purchasing a home much less stressful.

Dawn always came to our meetings fully equipped with the facts that we needed to know about each house. She was extremely thorough and knew a lot about the details you need with inspecting a home for purchase. We were always impressed by the questions she asked or the details she notices when touring homes. She gave us sound advice when it was time to make an offer, and coached us through this tricky process with our best interest in mind. Also, she had good relationships with the other brokers, and was always open and honest during the process.

Once we had an accepted offer, Dawn gave us her full attention explaining and guiding us through all of the paperwork and legal forms involved. She made sure we knew what we were signing, and explained everything in great detail. We were impressed by the amount of work and effort she put in to the whole venture.

Even after the process was completed Dawn was still there for us with contacts and advice. She definitely goes above and beyond, and we can’t recommend Dawn enough. We would definitely would use her again. Having Dawn on your side will surely add value to the home buying or selling process.

Lisa Fyfe and Roger Lane, Encinitas - from Realtor.com Recommendations

Buying your first home can be daunting. In applying for our VA loan, USAA automatically assigned us a real estate agent, also a daunting feeling. Well, little did we know this would be the greatest blessing, Dawn Leahy. From the beginning, Dawn allowed us to drive the home buying process while keeping us on course and within our means. We had basic ‘first home buying questions’ and she answered them clearly. She was always 10 steps ahead of us. She never made us feel ignored. Dawn has extraordinary communication skills. She has an incredible attention for detail, good and bad. Phone calls were always immediately returned. Emails were always prompt and accurate. Not only was Dawn a pivotal ingredient in buying our first home, she was a priceless resource for all home improvement needs. She has a rolodex anyone in San Diego or surrounding areas would envy. Dawn is an excellent judge of the market and how it changes on a daily basis. She doesn't shy away from discussions or fighting for her clients. She takes pride in her job, it shows. Dawn loves what she does which makes her so successful. From buying our first home, to maintaining it, and then selling our first home, our friendship with Dawn grew stronger. We became so close with Dawn, we invited her to family gatherings. I would call Dawn a dear, lifelong friend. We are forever grateful to USAA for allowing Dawn to be a part of our first home sale and the seamless transition as we moved cross country. Words truly can’t describe how much we adore and admire Dawn Leahy. Sotheby’s in San Diego is lucky to have such a talented agent. No matter who needs a home in San Diego, big or small, I would recommend Dawn Leahy any day of the year. Thank you Dawn! We love you!

Assisted both with Buying and Selling for Wyatt & Tiffany Borsheim - from Realtor.com Recommendations

We were recommended Dawn from a friend and we feel greatly indebted to them for such a wonderful referral. We actually had several referrals from friends to well-established agents, as is probably the case for most, and we weren't originally sure how to decide who was the right fit. Well, as soon as we reached out, it was obvious that Dawn was head and shoulders above the others. Right from the start, Dawn was able to get a feel for our needs as buyers. For us, we needed part agent, part educator, part friend. We were very lucky to find Dawn.

As an agent, Dawn is steps ahead of every situation and got us ready to be competitive in an uber-competitive market (houses were going in 48 hours!). Her web of contacts and ability to work with other parties in any deal is very impressive. With Dawn, we felt very comfortable that we had everything covered at all times, even in extremely short notice. Dawn also worked all hours if needed....we basically can't say enough good things about her abilities as an agent, first class. Her website was also the only trustworthy source of real-time information on houses that hit or left the market and gave us an advantage over other buyers.

Now once we got the home, there is NO WAY we should have been able to close in the 3 weeks we were given, but Dawn worked her magic down to the last hour, and we were in as scheduled. Through the whole process, we felt that Dawn was invested just as much as we were in finding the right house and getting it when we did. Of course, we know this is how agents are paid, but you can tell when it is more than that, and with Dawn you always feel that she is in it with you.

If you are fortunate enough to have stumbled onto this review or others of Dawn, congratulations, you should absolutely give her a call. You won't find a better match of expertise, personality, and effort.

Geoff & Melissa Downes - Encinitas - Purchase

I contacted Dawn after unsuccessfully searching for my first house with another agent. Dawn immediately got to work looking for the ideal home for the bachelor that I once was.

Fast forward 7 years when I reconnect with Dawn, this time from the East Coast. While I still owned the home she helped me purchase, I was now married with a child and no longer needed my first home. With the entire country separating us, Dawn seamlessly marketed my house and found an ideal buyer who made an exceptional offer. Not only did she coordinate all required inspections, she also personally handled the recommend repairs up to and including picking up items at the local home improvement store.
To say that her efforts made the normally stressful process of selling a home easier, not to mention doing it all while separated by a continent, would be an understatement. As a service member or anyone looking to buy or sell a home, you could not ask for a more knowledgeable and professional broker to work with. Thank you!

Brian and Julie Roth, Linda Vista

We were referred to Dawn by a friend whom she had recently helped get into a home. After working with other, more passive agents for several months with zero luck, we decided to give Dawn a try. Within two weeks we had an accepted offer and a little more than a month later she handed us the keys to our first home. In a highly competitive market area, Dawn had the right contacts and knew the best techniques to get our offer accepted. During escrow Dawn was proactive and knowledgeable about every aspect of the process and had great vendor referrals for us after the purchase. If you want someone who is going to be responsive and driven – Dawn is your best bet!

Jenae & Joe ~ Ocean Beach (92107)

We would like to Thank You for all your hard work. We really appreciate you walking us through this whole process and making sure that we fully understand everything. Because of you we were able to close on this house in 12 business days! It was only 19 days ago that we met you and we knew we wanted you to represent us. You were open and honest with us throughout the whole process. We’re sure you take great care of all your clients and we really appreciate you taking excellent care of us. We are truly grateful to have worked with you and we wish you and your family the best! We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know and even to those we don’t know.

MaAiza, Francis and Baby Gerimyah

Of the many real estate deals I‘ve done over a long life, the one with you was the very best. I especially liked your friendly, professional style and your immediate attention to all matters of importance. Never before have I seen such great attention to details and communications. You actually made the sale of my condo a pleasurable experience!

Bob Rosenberry, Scripps Ranch

I can’t thank you enough for your expert guidance and for successfully navigating the sale of my home through these challenging times. I cannot imagine a better real estate agent/relocation specialist. With all the decisions I faced selling my home, knowing that I had a trusted agent who understands the real estate transaction process and all the complexity that involves, gave me the peace of mind I needed. From pricing, staging, showings, offers, contracts, and inspections, to close of escrow – you were ALWAYS available and your guidance was ALWAYS right on. Your professionalism and experience were evident every step of the way. You are a remarkable woman whose keen judgment and advice I gratefully followed and respected. Thank you for giving so generously of your time, your knowledge and yourself. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to everyone! There is no better real estate agent, you are simply the best!!!!

Jackie Naughton, Scripps Ranch

We were referred to Dawn by a friend whom she had recently helped get into a home. After working with other, more passive agents for several months with zero luck, we decided to give Dawn a try. Within two weeks we had an accepted offer and a little more than a month later she handed us the keys to our first home. In a highly competitive market area, Dawn had the right contacts and knew the best techniques to get our offer accepted. During escrow Dawn was proactive and knowledgeable about every aspect of the process and had great vendor referrals for us after the purchase. If you want someone who is going to be responsive and driven – Dawn is your best bet!

Jenae & Joe ~ Ocean Beach (92107)

Dawn is awesome! I had a chance encounter with her at an open house and thought she knew her stuff. I was right! She helped us buy that house AND sell our former house, for over the asking price, all in 35 days! She is smart, tough, understanding and helpful. We have already recommended Dawn to two other people and she is closing escrow on both their houses right now. She knows the business incredibly well and is there for you. No matter what you ask, she is on your side and gets it done. I can't say enough great things about Dawn. We were so lucky to find her and will continue to recommend her to other friends and family that need a knowledgeable, hard-working Realtor.

Cari & Pete Pavao, Point Loma

Thanks to Dawn, everything from the search process to closing escrow ran like a well-oiled machine. Dawn is truly an expert and a professional, but she also is very personable and I had a great time getting to know her and going through the home buying experience with her. I am a very thorough person, and there wasn't a question I ever had that Dawn didn't know. There are few people I have ever had a truly great experience working with, due to very high personal standards I have in my own work and process of "getting things done." Dawn is absolutely amazing and anyone who is able to work with her is in for an excellent experience.

I am so thankful that we were referred to Dawn. I am still honestly in shock that we just bought our first home! It has been a dream of ours for so long, and we are so lucky that we were in such great hands from the start. I will be referring anyone I know looking for a home to Dawn. Her expertise and speed was truly invaluable." Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Kristen Jourdonais, Poway

Dawn went above and beyond to exceed our expectations. Her expertise is exceptional. Before we needed to ask a question, she was calling or emailing to keep us informed. With Dawn on your side, you will have complete confidence that she is not only doing her share but is making sure that everyone involved is working to ensure that the entire process is moving along smoothly. Her professionalism is beyond compare. We highly recommend her services.

Tyson Swetek & Veronica Jones

Dawn is fantastic and I would recommend her to everyone looking to buy a new home. We just moved into our new home and are so happy. Every step of the way, Dawn was there advising us, counseling us and ultimately fighting for us with a very stubborn and uncooperative seller. She's so good that we even accidentally signed a document (sent by the escrow company without her knowledge) that changed some important terms and she fought for us against the seller and the termite company - thus having the newly signed document reversed. She really puts everything she's got into her deals and her client's interests and for that reason alone, we trusted her 100%. Her commitment, drive and knowledge are tremendous assets to have on your side during the buying process. I would also be remiss if I did not mention her ability to work with all the key players during the deal. From the inspection company, loan broker and more Dawn has an uncanny ability to close the deal.

Diana Ramirez & Brian Jones, Point Loma

Dawn is fantastic and I would recommend her to everyone looking to buy a new home. We just moved into our new home and are so happy. Every step of the way, Dawn was there advising us, counseling us and ultimately fighting for us with a very stubborn and uncooperative seller. She's so good that we even accidentally signed a document (sent by the escrow company without her knowledge) that changed some important terms and she fought for us against the seller and the termite company - thus having the newly signed document reversed. She really puts everything she's got into her deals and her client's interests and for that reason alone, we trusted her 100%. Her commitment, drive and knowledge are tremendous assets to have on your side during the buying process. I would also be remiss if I did not mention her ability to work with all the key players during the deal. From the inspection company, loan broker and more Dawn has an uncanny ability to close the deal.

Diana Ramirez & Brian Jones, Point Loma

Dawn Leahy has been an enormous help to us as we relocated to San Diego! From the first phone conversation, it was clear that Dawn knew her business – she asked all the right questions and was able to get us looking in the appropriate direction for a new home. We found our dream home days later. The purchasing process turned out to be more difficult than usual and thanks to Dawn’s hard work & tenaciousness, we were able to finally move into our new home. Dawn was reassuring and honest, and we were never worried. In addition, Dawn’s knowledge of the area was instrumental in getting us acclimated and settled, from grocery shopping to doctor’s appointments, the little things that make life easier. We can’t thank Dawn enough. Dawn Kicks A~~…

The Bonifants

If you look up integrity in the dictionary there will be a picture of Dawn. She said she could sell our house in two weeks and actually sold it in one weekend. Her marketing skills are amazing. She found us well-qualified buyers at the price we asked. She guided us through the process, adding her brand of fun and professionalism. Then she found us the most beautiful home we ever could have imagined in a place we hadn´t even considered. Throughout the purchase process, Dawn was our advocate, making sure that we got all that we were entitled to and at a great price. Dawn´s knowledge of the real estate business is extensive and her confidence made us feel very comfortable and in good hands. If you are looking for a real estate agent, then look no further.

Jeff & Barbara Smithson

Dawn represented us for both the purchase and sale of our home in San Diego after we met and hit it off at an open house. She did an outstanding job on both occasions - from identifying just the right properties, winning the negotiation in spite of multiple offers, pricing accurately, crossing every T to keep things moving without a hitch - and she did it all with a great attitude. Most recently, she has referred us to another great agent in our new hometown and is staying involved to ensure we are taken care of. She attended our wedding and has become a friend for life.

Amanda Bishop

THANKS for all your help, patience, and sincere care you have given us over the past months. Yesterday we got moved in..... mostly everything! It is such a nice place. I just wanted to express how much we appreciate all you do and how hard and diligently you work. Have a good day. We will be in touch."

Jeanne H.

"Dawn, Words cannot express how thankful we are! Thank you so much for all your hard work, dedication and perseverance. You made it possible for us to purchase our own home!! We are so excited to get married and begin a life together in our condo. We will truly never forget how hard you worked to make it possible for us to own our own place. We are looking forward to having you over in the future.
Nathan & Brook

"Dawn always went out of her way to make sure every thing was done right and on time. She stayed late in the office, called the lender, and went above and beyond to make sure the deal went through. She made me feel like her top priority and treated me like family. I appreciated all her hard work and am extremely happy with my new home."
Nathan Nugent

"I recently referred a client who was looking in the San Diego area to Dawn and was pleased with the wonderful outcome. Dawn was a supreme professional in working diligently to obtain the property for my clients in a very challenging market. She not only worked hard, but was persistent in finding just the right home for my clients and bringing the transaction to a successful close. She stayed in touch with me from start to finish. I can assure you that all my referrals for the San Diego area and surrounding communities will go to Dawn.

Florence Silver, CRS, GRI, SRES & e-Pro, Coldwell Banker, Greater Los Angeles

Dawn Leahy assisted me in purchasing a home in the Clairemont area of San Diego for my daughter. She spent effort in finding a house in the area and price range we wanted, and she eliminated a lot of time and effort for us by focusing on what she knew we needed. When we found the right home, she gave me assistance in the steps I needed to take to get the sale complete. I felt she was looking out for me, the buyer, to get the job done in a very short time. Since I wasn’t there and my daughter was working, she spent extra time meeting inspectors, repair people and a number of things that I might have done had I been able to be there. She did all this in a very positive manner, and I greatly appreciated it.

There were several areas where I needed direction on what I needed to do, and I felt confident that she had the expertise to help me. One of the best things was that during all this, she was in constant contact with me; and I never felt I needed to try and find her for something. She always was ahead of anything that came up and was able to take care of it. I have bought and sold several homes in the past, and I can guarantee that this experience with Dawn was far more positive than any experience I had in the past. I really mean it when I say you were such a great help to us. I feel you are a friend-not just a business associate.

Barbara - age 86

Thank you for finding me such a great house. I'm really happy and things seem to be as expected. The neighborhood is fantastic and everyone is really welcoming and there is a lot of pride in people's property. I love my home!

Danna H.

Thank you" doesn't seem to adequately express how much we appreciate all of the time and effort you've given to help us through the purchase of our first home here in San Diego. Much of what you did was above and beyond our expectations. Your patience and sacrifices certainly made the whole process go smoothly. We definitely will recommend you to our family and friends." Gratefully

The Ha Family

We wanted to take a moment to let you know what a wonderful experience we had working with Dawn Leahy. She handled both a purchase and a sale for us and we could not have been more pleased with her. Each of our transactions were full of unforeseen bumps, but Dawn was able to work through each in addition to keeping us calm and confident throughout (a tall order). We always did, and still do, have complete faith in her professionally and as a person. We will recommend her to all of our colleagues and friends in need of a great agent. And, of course, we look forward to working with her again and again over the years.

The Stephens Family

Thanks for the great service you gave in making a first-time purchase a thorough and professional affair. You're the Best!

The Fischer Family

Just wanted to send a quick note to say "Hi!" and thank you again for helping us buy this house! We love it and it's been so fun discovering what's planted in the yard as various plants/flowers sprout and bloom! We look forward to having our house warming and making you a part of it.

The Vicino's

I just want to let you know what a wonderful experience we had purchasing our home in Point Loma. We walked into your office and were warmly greeted by your agent, Dawn Leahy. From the moment we sat down with her to discuss our needs, she was decidedly professional, warm and responsive to all our questions. With her help, we easily narrowed down our search and what we believed would take at least a year, took merely two days! She found us the home of our dreams and we are now happily ensconced in our new abode. But we would be remiss in not mentioning all of the follow-up work she did for us and how, even with our travels out of the country, she kept in touch and on top of everything that came up. She is a credit to the profession and her professionalism and attention to every detail made this the smoothest move we have ever had. We are truly fortunate to have had her representing us.

C.J. Brown

We have been residents of San Diego since the 1960's and have bought and sold many houses, land, and businesses. During that time, we have had business associates who were brokers. When we decided to sell a small one-bedroom rental property near the beach, we chose Ms. Leahy after interviewing her. That was one of the best decisions we could have made for we found not only a knowledgeable, professional agent, but an agent that goes above and beyond to serve her clients! The property was sold and closed without a hitch and in short order. We decided to sell our beach home/business and although our broker friend would do it for a substantially reduced commission, we chose Ms. Leahy because of her professionalism and enthusiasm. In all our years of buying and selling in San Diego, we have never had an agent be so diligent or work so hard.
We have and will continue to refer business associates and friends to Ms. Leahy.

Doug & Jan Henderson

We would like to say that we are very pleased with our experience in working with Dawn Leahy. We both find her to be a professional and thorough real estate agent as well as a friendly & personable individual. You must be pleased to have her as part of your office. We have recommended Dawn to many people & will continue to do so. When we need a real estate agent in the future, we will definitely call Dawn Leahy.

The Fennell Family

Dawn helped myself and my family with an estate/probate sale. Not living in the area, Dawn was extremely knowledgeable about the market and provided us excellent analysis. She was extremely professional throughout the entire process.
There were many challenges with respect to this particular sale and Dawn was able to help us with virtually every aspect, making this process as simple as possible. Probate sales are, by nature, fairly complicated; however, Dawn was able to follow up on each aspect of the sale and I always felt like she was one step ahead. She updated me on a regular basis via telephone and left no matter unattended to. She also helped me with many aspects of the sale that were really "above and beyond." This was an extremely stressful time for my family and a very difficult process was made much simpler with the help of Dawn. I would recommend her for any real estate transaction without hesitation. I find her to be a true professional in a field with many practitioners who simply talk the talk, but do not follow through. I would certainly use Dawn again for any of my real estate needs, as she is meticulous, trustworthy, honest and dedicated.

K.S. Bergman, M.D.

I just wanted to say a special thank you for being my Realtor and helping me find my new place. Since the beginning, I have always felt that you were looking out for my best interests, and you wouldn't settle for anything less. Your professionalism and experience made the whole process both low stress and fun.

I truly enjoyed working with you. I would like to refer my friends to you when they are ready to buy. I know they will get a quality Realtor and a quality person. Thank you again.

T. Zgliniec

We really appreciate all you've done for us. It is great to have someone with your integrity working for us. After working with you over the last six years and through several sales and purchases, we would never use or refer any other Realtor. You are so conscientious and really care about your clients. It has been a pleasure having you as our agent. Thank you so much.

The Gonzalez and Haney Families

Your company could not have an asset better than Dawn Leahy!!

William Holloway

Dawn, Thank you so much for all that you did for us in helping to meet our goals. We know that we chose a winner when we chose you. Much continued success.

The Landry Family

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