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LOCATION: Pacific Beach is located within the city of San Diego and west of interstate 5, south of La Jolla and north of Point Loma/Ocean Beach. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean.

HISTORY: Pacific Beach was first “on the map” in 1885 when the railroad connected it to the East Coast of the United States. By the early 1900’s lots were being sold there and by the 1950’s, families were moving in for an average of $12,000. The streets running north and south are generally names for precious stones, i.e. Turquoise, Chalcedony, etc. The streets running east/west are alphabetized names of federal officials from the 19th century.

NEIGHBORHOODS & HOUSING IN PACIFIC BEACH - 92109: There are nine fairly distinct neighborhoods that make up Pacific Beach. Each one has its own unique flavor and from North to South they are as follows…

Kate Sessions: This area borders La Jolla and features the park for which it is named—Kate O’Sessions Memorial Park. Many of the homes in this area enjoy beautiful views of Mission Bay, Point Loma, Downtown San Diego and beyond. Located on Mt. Soledad, there are many beautiful single-family homes in this neighborhood.

Pacifica/Soledad South: This part of Pacific Beach is located just above Interstate 5 and just south of La Jolla. With many mid-century modern homes designed by Palmer & Krisel, this neighborhood has no shortage of views to Downtown, Mission Bay and also to the mountains in the East. With easy access to the beach and the freeway, it is the perfect mix for many people seeking the beach lifestyle. There are also higher end condominium complexes to choose from in the area.

North Pacific Beach: This quiet residential area has just a few shops and restaurants and is primarily comprised of single family homes and a scattering of multi-family dwellings. On the border of Birdrock (La Jolla) with close proximity to some of the favorite beaches like Tourmaline, many think of it as La Jolla, but without the price tag.

East Pacific Beach: This neighborhood boasts easy access to the Interstate 5 and has a mix of condominium complexes, single family homes and businesses. You’ll find anything from the car dealerships to restaurants and parks. It is a slightly less expensive area to find housing in Pacific Beach, but with all of the perks of living so close to the water, many find this a great place to call home.

Pacific Beach: The heart of the 92109 zip code is Pacific Beach. The main thoroughfares in and out of Pacific Beach are Grand and Garnet running roughly from the Interstate 5 to the sand at the ocean, you will find everything you need in this section. Known for the boardwalk, bars, restaurants, and shops, the heart of PB is a desirable place to live. In this area, there are beach cottages, condos, oceanfront view homes, multi-family homes and apartments. This is also where the heart of the shopping can be found.

Crown Point: Ingraham Street comes into Crown Point from the south and runs through the center of the area. You can make your way around Crown Point on Crown Point Drive on the Fiesta Bay side to Riviera Drive on the Sail Bay side. This area is known for beautiful water view properties and easy access to the beaches, both on the bay and the ocean. There are many condos, multi-family homes and single family homes to choose from.


Sail Bay: This neighborhood runs from Crown Point around Sail Bay to Mission Beach. Many of the condominium complexes were built in this area in the 1960s, but single family homes are still a mainstay in the neighborhood. With Fanuel Park at the heart of Sail Bay, this is a very desirable area and also has easy access to the heart of Pacific Beach as well as being just a few blocks off of the ocean. The Catamaran Hotel is located on Sail Bay close to Mission Beach.

Mission Beach: Belmont Park is the iconic place most people think of when they go to Mission Beach. The Giant Dipper Rollercoaster was built there in 1925 and is still an attraction today. The beaches in Mission Beach are the place to be in the summertime with the boardwalk, shops, bars, and restaurants, there is no shortage of vacationers. Homes range from small cottages to oceanfront properties to one room studios on Mission Boulevard which runs through the heart of Mission Beach. On one side, you have Bayside Walk and on the other, Ocean Front Walk. This is also home to the Mission Bay Yacht Club.

South Mission Beach: This part of Pacific Beach is known for the ocean and bay views, the volleyball courts and the recreational areas. There is a very broad mix of properties in this part of the beach to include luxury homes on the ocean front and bay front, condos, cottages, and multi-family homes.

RECREATION: Here are just of few of the activities you can plan to enjoy in Pacific Beach—surfing, kayaking, sailing, boating, paddle boarding, small watercraft, biking, kite flying, Belmont Amusement Park, and SeaWorld. Not to mention, all of the activities on the boardwalk, the restaurants, bars, and shops.

WEATHER: The average temperature during the summer months in Pacific Beach is 75 degrees F. August is the average warmest month and December is the average coolest month. If you want to avoid precipitation, then stay away in February. The highest recorded temperature was 111°F in 1963 and the lowest recorded temperature was 29°F in 1949.

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